The undeveloped Michael Reese site was the location for this proposed neighborhood that aims to reconnect Bronzeville to the lakefront.

The neighborhood of Bronzeville is isolated from its surroundings in multiple ways. From west to east, respectively, the site is divided by Metra tracks and Lakeshore Drive. To the north, I-55 acts as a barrier between the site and the bustling McCormick Center. In effect, the site becomes disconnected from the lake and economically active area to the north. The opportunity is to reconnect the land to lake while also weaving into the existing urban fabric.


The lake is also a tremendous resource for deploying passive and active sustainability strategies. This area is capable of reducing its carbon footprint by producing its own food, electricity and gas, while also collecting, filtering and recycling water. As an extension of the renewable practices, materials used for building construction would also be considered.